WhatGPT is a PHP script made with the PHP framework Laravel.

It is designed to be a good starter project if you want to start a web project based on the GPT-3 model of OpenAI.

But not only that, WhatGPT is designed to be a complete project ready to be launched as a web business with Adsense advertising business model (already ready) or a subscription system (to come).

It is fully responsive and can adapt to any type and size of screen.

Live demo

If you want to start a web business using ChatGPT, WhatGPT is the perfect start for you.

Its code is easily and fully customizable with the ready to use configuration system.



Once you have made your purchase, you have access to a zip file.

  1. Extract this file and you will have access to the WhatGPT folder.
  2. In the WhatGPT folder, copy the src folder to your web server
  3. Open the .env file and modify it by replacing the value of OPEN_AI_API with your OPEN AI API. (Get your Open AI API Key here)
  4. Take the opportunity to replace APP_NAME and APP_URL with the corresponding values. Then save your file!


You can find all the information on how to customize WhatGPT in the configuration file config/whatgpt.php

The file contains comments that will guide you to know the why and how of each value you will modify.

If you need any customization of the project according to your vision, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ads integration

WhatGPT supports the integration of Adsense ads in the chat conversation.

For this, you need your Publisher ID and the responsive ad block ID.

And open the config/whatgpt.php file.

Change the following values to your respective IDs;