How to fill Electronic DV lottery form (DS-5501)

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Anglophones do not have difficulty completing the DV lottery registration form, as is the case for those who speak other languages.

Since the DV lottery form is in English, it is easier to apply to DV lottery alone.

Fill out us Dv lottery form (DS-5501)

It is easy to fill up the EDV lottery, normally people don’t know how to fill EDV Lottery 2021. There are simply few steps to fill the form and you can save your and family members money.

dv lottery form

Go to Registration form

Fill Photo on dv Lottery form

Before filling up the form please take your photograph keeping in mind about the image you have. The critical information to provide on the registration form is the photo.
It must respect following criteria :

  • Make sure you use a Color photo to upload.
  • The image should not be more than 6 months old.
  • The image should be taken in a white colored background might be a paper or clothes.
  • The image should be taken full face seeing which is facing the camera.
  • The image should be a simple expressing and eyes should not be closed.
  • Sun-glass/spectacles should not be used and both ears should come in picture.
  • Do not wear a uniform for the picture but you can wear religious clothing which is worn daily.
  • Do not wear cap/hat or head covering materials but you can wear religious clothing.

If you’re not sure if you can meet all of these criteria, you can use Visafoto, which is an online tool that processes the photo automatically and finally enforces it with the requirements for a valid DV lottery photo.

DV Lottery 2021: When and how to apply for DV-2021 ?

Instruction DV Lottery

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