DV Lottery 2021: When and how to apply for DV-2021 ?

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DV lottery is a competition organized every year (from the beginning of October to November) by the American government since 1994. The obtaining of the Green Card (Green Card) is coveted, It is always difficult to obtain easily but thanks to this contest, the nominee candidate may obtain easily but only if he is drawn.

This article still talks about DV-2020 since DV-2021 is not yet officially announced.

When is the deadline for the DV-2021?

Registration period for DV 2021 begins in October 2019. The duration of participation is 1 month. Who can participate in the DV 2021 program? How to participate ?

Who can participate? Is my country eligible?

The right to participate in the competition is eligible to any person whose country is also eligible for the competition  and who fulfills at least one of these two minimum criteria mentioned:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree (high school) or
  • Two years of work experience in the last 5 years in a qualified profession. The list of profession is here

How to apply for DV-2021 ? How much does it cost ?

Beware of internet scammers who may ask you to send money pretending to be the US migration department. When on the Internet you are asked for bank details to register, know directly that you are not on the right track. Do not try!

The participation in the contest is totally free, so you’ll pay 0$ to participate and try your luck. This is done online by filling out a simple form and that’s it.

How to fill Electronic DV lottery form (DS-5501)

However, one of the important and crucial information to provide in the registration form is the photo. The photo in the registration form plays a very important role and when it does not correspond to what is needed, can do that we are not selected in the draw.

To participate, follow these steps

  1. First read this entire document [PDF] ) and understand it well. It contains the general instructions of the contest.
  2. Read these instructions that talk about how your photo should be because it’s the most important step among many other important steps.
  3. And finally, use this tool to resize your photo comfortably according to the required expectations.
    photo dv lottey bien positioné
    DV Lottery 2021: When and how to apply for DV-2021 ? 3
  4. Go to dvlottery.state.gov
  5. Click in Begin entry (The button will be available as soon as the expected date for this is reached)
    DV Lottery 2021: When and how to apply for DV-2021 ? 4
  6. Fill registration form with your informations

Note about photo

Photo must:

  • Have the dimensions of 600 × 600
  • Have a white background
  • Being in JPEG format
  • The maximum size of 240Kb

And the next step?

After playing, alone or in an agency, There is important informations that will give you when you validate the form, which will allow you when results will be available to know if you have been selected or not whose :

  • Confirmation code (to be jealously guarded)
  • Last name (Just do not forget) and
  • Year of birth (Still unforgettable)

Goodluck to everyone !

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